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  • Megan Gross

4 Easy Ways to Support Your Hormones Today

1. Drink Water

It seems simple, but for some reason drinking enough water is so hard to do in our busy life. Water is essential for helping to move hormones throughout our system to be filtered through the liver. Chronic dehydration can lead to an overabundance of estrogen, which throws off your progesterone/estrogen ratio and leads you into a spiral of hormone imbalance. Bonus points if you choose filtered water with added minerals.

2. Move Your Body

For the same reason water is important to help to detox excess hormones, moving your body encourages lymphatic drainage. When you move lymphatic fluid, you help to rid the body of excess toxins and hormones. Lymphatic congestion can lead to swelling, puffiness, and potentially even cellulite. My favorite methods for moving lymph include yoga (make it hot yoga!), walking, and T-TAPP which is a method focused on lymph drainage that is very accessible to all skill levels.

3. Eat foods that make you “go”

Now I sound like a broken record, but it is imperative to have daily bowel movements to help move toxins through your body so they don’t get reabsorbed. Any excess amount of toxins can build up within the body and cause a disruption in your endocrine system, which is the system responsible for keeping your hormones in check. These foods may differ depending on each person’s digestive system, but generally foods high in fiber, foods with high water content, and potentially seeds can help the bowels to move. Foods and drink high in magnesium or vitamin C will also help the bowels to move.

4. Evaluate your stress

It’s normal for us all to experience stress in life, but when stress becomes too great, it negatively impacts the endocrine system. It doesn’t directly affect your sex hormones immediately, but long periods of stress overtime will throw the entire system off balance and if one branch of the endocrine system goes out of balance, the rest follow suit trying (but failing) to rebalance back to homeostasis.

These simple ways will help you to support your hormones, but if you feel you're in a state that needs more than quick fixes or you need support, reach out to a care provider who is skilled in healing and balancing hormones naturally.

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