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Fertility Care

Megan offers out of the box fertility care for people just starting out on their journey to grow a family, and for people struggling with achieving a pregnancy. Megan explores many avenues to get to the root cause of any issues and ensure that both partners are in the pinnacle of health; mind, body, and spirit. 

Well woman care

Megan is now offering well-woman exams, she will print off a Superbill that can be sent to insurance for reimbursement. Please note, medicare and medicaid do not reimburse Superbills.

Hormonal Healing

Megan helps patients on their journey to healing their hormones. She tests her clients' current hormone levels and gives them actionable steps they can take to reach a state of balance and improve their quality of life.

Megan focuses on using natural solutions to help treat the root cause of the hormonal imbalance. 

Menstrual cycle care for teens

Is your teenager struggling with heavy, irregular, or painful cycles and you aren't ready to jump to contraceptive medication to try and "regulate" her cycle? Megan can help to improve the discomforts of regulating a hormone cycle as a teen.

Prenatal Coaching

Megan offers comprehensive prenatal coaching. This is perfect for the family that feels left in the dark during their traditional prenatal care. Megan will consult with clients on normal pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, pregnancy education, how to prepare for the birth of your dreams, and how to prepare for a healthy postpartum experience.

Postpartum care

As a Certified Nurse-Midwife, Megan's particular passion lies in postpartum care. This vulnerable, raw, beautiful time can be filled with questions, concerns, and self-doubt. Megan is happy to help wade through all of this with her clients. Whether it be in the immediate postpartum or weeks to months later. 

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