Wondering if you're in the right place?

Yes, if you were born as, or identify as a female. If you are the age 16 or older. And if you are seeking to improve your health and wellness with the help of Megan.

Please note a couple of items;

1. Balance Integrative Health and Wellness is both a shoe and fragrance free facility. You will be asked to remove your shoes at the door. Please avoid perfumes, smoking, and other strong odors prior to visiting us. 

2. Please check with your insurance prior to booking an appointment with Megan. If Megan is not a provider covered under your network, please note that patient is responsible for all payments up front. There is a cash pay discount if you will not be submitting the visit to insurance.

On this page you will access the patient portal where you can fill out new patient information, access your patient portal.

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For more questions email 

Megan Gross, CNM at

Balance Integrative Health & Wellness

4855 Asbury Rd. #7

Dubuque, IA 52002

(563) 293 6225

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Appointment Hours

Wednesday: 9-4

Thursday: 9-4