Midwifery Consultations are a way for patients to experience midwifery care, while not necessarily having a midwife at their birth. This is great for families who wish to receive woman-centered care during pregnancy as a supplement to the traditional western medicine prenatal care at an OB office. These packages are not meant to replace obstetric care during pregnancy, rather they are to be used as a supplemental care service. Megan takes the time to sit down with patients and educate and support them throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum period. 

Midwifery Consultations:

Receive in-depth education and care throughout your pregnancy and beyond including laboratory testing, self-advocacy, dietary instruction, and supplemental support for the healthiest pregnancy and birth possible.

Gaia Package-

4 sixty-minute consultations with Certified Nurse-Midwife in each trimester, and once postpartum, these will include education materials, laboratory testing (both during pregnancy and postpartum), and supplement recommendations. With this package you will gain the knowledge of how to advocate for yourself and your health in each trimester as well as in preparation for delivery and postpartum.

Freyja Package-

8 sixty-minute consultations with Certified Nurse-Midwife spread throughout the entire pregnancy. With these consultations, you will gain the knowledge of self-advocacy in pregnancy and delivery as well as learn how to support your changing body and your growing baby month-to-month. This will include in-depth laboratory testing, supplement recommendations, and educational materials.

Venus Fertility Package-

3 Comprehensive  sixty-minute consultations discussing hormones, labs, diet, exercise, and detox to support a healthy pregnancy. This package is for those looking to conceive in the near future and hope to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. This package is also for those who have been trying to conceive and it has yet to happen. It will involve laboratory testing, cycle tracking, and education.


Sacred Postpartum Package-

3 sixty-minute consultations post birth at 1-2 weeks, 6-8 weeks, and 6 months postpartum to discuss the transition into motherhood from a mind-body-spirit perspective. This will include focus on birth healing, mental health, breastfeeding, as well as laboratory testing and nutritional support.


Young Goddess Package- 

Midwifery is not just for pregnancy! This package is for teens and young adults, an overview of the menstrual cycle and fertile windows to help guide women through their sexuality and embrace their menstrual cycle rather than just cope with it.

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Disclaimer: Megan Gross does not perform births at this time in homes, or the hospital. If this should change, the packages will reflect the services that Megan offers. Additionally these services are not meant to replace obstetric care during pregnancy and Megan encourages clients to have a primary OB care provider. 

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