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hormonal Healing 

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Megan has been helping women balance their hormones naturally since 2018. She has studied several methods to help women combat their hormone imbalances and learned how to determine the cause of hormonal imbalance, as each individual can have different causes of imbalance from stress, to pregnancy, to long-term birth control use. Megan tells all of her clients that hormonal healing is a journey and not a quick fix. The benefit to undertaking this journey is the end result will be a healthier life! 

You're in the right place if you:​

- Have had children and feel like your hormones never recovered

-Have been on birth control and need help balancing your hormones again

- Want to gracefully transition into menopause

- Are experiencing problems with your cycle (heavy, irregular, painful, riddled with PMS/PMDD)

- And most importantly, if you want to feel like you again, but better!

As well as if you experience hormone related:

- Fatigue

- Weight gain

- Irritability

- Low Libido

- Bloating

- Hot flashes

- Brain fog

- Anxiety and Depression

What does hormonal healing look like with Megan?

You'll undergo an initial health history appointment and be sent home with a lab kit. Once you send your lab in, you will return to discuss the results of your lab and an individualized plan, tailored to your unique hormonal make up. It's important for that patients don't feel rushed, so initial appointments are 60-90 minutes in length, whereas follow up appointments are 30-60 minutes. Megan will be with you every step of the way. After implementing your plan, you'll return every 1-3 months until your hormones are balanced. 

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